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Testing Services
ADR's Test Accelerator Solution for SAP

SAP customers are constantly looking for ways to automate and accelerate their SAP release testing effectively to overcome certain unique challenges. A majority of these challenges are fallouts of factors such as a continuous stream of patches and upgrades released by SAP, extensive customization to align the system with the changing business requirements and other compliance needs like SOX and HR, which necessitate testing and tracking.

Besides these challenges, customers also face several testing-specific challenges, such as :

  1. Excessive set-up time & cost for functional test scripts, both manual & automated
  2. Project delays and cost escalations due to extensive regression testing
  3. High complexity & cost involved in the maintenance of test scripts
  4. Inability to re-use test assets (scripts / test cases) across scenarios
  5. Loss of productivity due to involvement of subject matter experts (functional teams) in the testing process
  • The only way to address these challenges is by deploying an effective testing service. It is here that ADR adds value.
  • ADR, offers a focused SAP Test Accelerator Solution to its customers for addressing the pain areas of testing SAP implementation. ADR's SAP Test Accelerator Solution also facilitates re-use of test assets for SAP release testing, thereby helping organizations realize the benefits of SAP implementation.
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Key Business Benefits

Dramatically reduces time and costs associated with testing

  • Upfront : Achieves automation for a typical SAP business process within 6-12 weeks
  • Ongoing : Significant reduction in the time required for testing each release
  • Offshore-based execution
  • No lag in the application of transports
Enhances re-usability & maintainability of test scripts
  • Data-driven approach to automation ensures re-usability of test scripts across multiple scenarios / test cases
  • Re-usable test scripts that are part of the framework
  • Best practices for test script maintenance & updating
Higher productivity
  • Business teams do not become encumbered with testing